Don’t you just love vacation? I sure do. I’ve never actually been on a real vacation. More like stay-cations. Well, I’ve been to San Francisco before. It was awesome! I went for a NASCAR race which was……Mostly for my dad. In January I will be on my first plane ride to Los Angeles! I’ll be there for a whole week and boy am i EXCITED!

I don’t quite know what to pack. Is it sad that I don’t even know what a carry on is? or what it should contain? yikes.

The ways I have found to get away with a packed full suitcase without it being over 50-60 pound is well..Limited to say the least. A way that i have found is to lie down all your clothes flat across the suitcase, but you must rotate the clothing. After that, reverse the order and it should all fit nicely in the case after it has been strapped down! cool right? Still learning where to put my shoes. hmm.. I guess I have a little while (Link below)

What are some of your ways you pack for a longer trip? 

Do you have any advice for me for my first flight? How about some stories about your travel experience? I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Link here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDn9l20NlWw)  to show you what I was trying so hard to explain.. I didn’t do a very good job but i have this video! Credit to: PackingLightDotCom